Purely Baby® Starter Kit


The Purely Baby® Starter Pack makes a great and practical present for a baby shower or on the birth of the baby. It provides the parents with essential products which will be invaluable in those first few precious days.

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The Purely Baby® Starter Kit makes a great and practical present for a baby shower or on the birth of the baby.  It provides the parents with essential products which will be invaluable in those first few precious days.

The pack includes the following:

  • 2 x packs of Purely Baby® Aqua + Water Wipes 70’s- for gentle cleaning of baby’s delicate skin.
  • 1x pack of Purely Baby® Nappy Bags – for hygienic disposal of soiled nappies.
  • 1 x Cherish Barrier Cream Cloth
  • 1 x pack of Purely Baby® Disposable Changing Mats – for when parents & baby venture out, providing peace of mind when changing babies’ nappy in unknown locations.
  • 1 x Purely Baby® Dry Wipes & Nappy Liners – ideal to use in nappies or when dampened to cleanse baby or wipe up any spillages.
  • 1x Purely Baby® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser – for adults to use to ensure their hands are as clean as possible when handling baby.
  • 2x spray pens.

For more information on each product please see below.

Purely Baby® Aqua + water wipes – developed by UK Chemists to provide our safest and most gentle formulation for the everyday cleansing of newborn and delicate baby skin. Suitable for use from birth onwards. Containing 99.25% purified water and just the smallest necessary amount of 0.75% biodegradable preservative, to ensure the protection of the wipes from any bacterial contamination once pack is opened.

Purely Baby®Disposable Nappy Bags are designed for the hygienic disposal of nappies and wipes. Convenient for when you’re on the go. Scented to neutralise odour and coloured to help disguise the contents.

Purely Baby® Disposable Changing Mats are absorbent, compact and disposable. Our mats are perfect for changing your baby whilst out and about. The compact folded size makes them ideal to fit into your bag and makes changing baby’s nappy easy and simple, wherever you are. Designed to offer maximum comfort and protection to your baby, no more cold changing areas! Purely Baby® changing mats have an extra soft breathable top layer to promote rapid absorption of liquid into the mat, with a waterproof film backing sheet to catch any ‘accidents’.

Safety Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation and strangulation please keep all packaging material away from babies and children. If used on soft surfaces ie. chair or cot MUST be under adult supervision at all times. If using overnight for children over 12 months old the changing mat must always be placed under the bed linen with white absorbent top surface face up.

Purely Baby® Dry Wipes and Nappy Liners are ultra soft and gentle, whilst also being strong and absorbent. Ideal for use on babies delicate skin, which may be damaged by the use of moist baby wipes which contain a wide range of chemicals. Using Purely Baby dry wipes ensures that baby’s delicate skin is gently cared for; use dry for general purpose use, or just add water or suitable lotion for moist cleansing.

Use of these wipes moistened with water or applicable lotion could help to reduce the potential risk of inflammation and common skin conditions like nappy rash and eczema.

Purely Baby® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser is our lightly baby fragranced, alcohol free sanitising foam ideal for adults and children. It is a simple and effective way of reducing the transmission of infection without the need for soap, water and towels. It leaves your hands hygienically clean and gently moisturised.

Cherish Barrier Cream Cloths provide extra care for little one’s delicate skin. These large, thick, soft cloths have been designed to provide easy application of our gentle but caring moisturising barrier formulation onto delicate skin. Contains glycerin, aloe vera and dimethicone which acts as an effective transparent, breathable skin barrier protectant against nappy rash and dry skin patches.



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