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Purely Baby have 20+ years experience in manufacturing wet wipes for healthcare applications and have been asked many times to use their expertise to produce a “baby wipe” with a difference.

Purely Baby sat down with a UK Chemist and asked him to develop a formula for a baby wipe which had the following criteria:

  • the maximum level of purified water as possible
  • free from Alcohol, Soap and Fragrance
  • No Parabéns, Sulfates or Phthalates
  • a preservative which was biodegradable and kept the wipe free of bacteria for the whole shelf life.  It was also essential that it had to be compatible to a newborns sensitive skin.

Twelve months later and after many trials purely Baby launched their first baby wipe: Purely Baby® Aqua + water wipe.  This wipe is very soft, thick and larger than many other baby wipes in the market, and most especially contains 99.25% water.  A tried and tested biodegradable preservative has been added and laboratory tested to BS Standards to ensure that it fully complies with all our specific requirements.  The wipes were submitted to The Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation (ISPE) in Milan to undertake testing for Skin Irritation Potential Evaluation on Sensitive Skin.  The results were everything we had hoped for and our Purely Baby® Aqua + water wipes passed with flying colours and are Dermatologically Approved for use on sensitive skin.

Much has been said about “preservatives” in baby wipes and there is a lot of misleading advertising regarding this.  We looked closely at this matter and considered using a fruit extract (such as Citradol) for preserving our wipes.  We noticed other companies had “fruit preservative” at very low levels (0.1%) in water and all our own testing on this style of product showed this format did not adequately preserve the wipe especially once the packs were opened and in constant use.   We are very conscious of the responsibilities we owe to our customers and our packaging and ingredients are all fully compliant to EU Cosmetic regulations.

Aqua + water wipes, in our opinion are the best baby wipes on the market today and they are exactly what they say on the pack.

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